Santa is Looking for Elves — Please Consider this Fun Opportunity to Volunteer at the Festival

Every year, Santa comes to spend time with us during the Festival.  He spends time at Jingle Bell Junction and Breakfast with Santa.  Since the Festival of Trees is so close to Christmas, Santa’s elves have to stay home to work on gifts for good little boys and girls.  So, to make sure that the visits at the Festival are fantastic for everyone, Sanda needs some local elves to help!

Santa’s elves will help by working the  lines to keep children (and adults) happy and calm.  All elves will be trained with Santa Chuck’s code of conduct.

Training/volunteering as an Elf of the NorthPole provides community service hours, is fun, you get to wear a costume and so much more!

Let us know your interest by filling out the volunteer interest form.


Want to Learn How to Design? Come to the Jeffrey Alans Workshop this Weekend!

The Jeffrey Alans workshop is a great way to get you started on designing your tree. The Workshop will be this Saturday, October 8th. There will be two sessions, one starting at 9 am and the other at 1 pm. The workshop will provide hands on demonstrations and tips for decorating your trees. The Designer Committee will be there to answer any questions you may have. There will also be valuable coupons available for attendees, compliments of Jeffrey Alans. This is also the time to pick up your pre-ordered 4’ trees! We hope to see you there!

You can register for the workshop by clicking here and filling out the form.

Meet Carolyn Yockey – Volunteer Spotlight

Today we talk with Carolyn Yockey who has been a long-time volunteer for Festival.

How/Why Did You First Get Involved with the Baby Fold and the Festival of Trees?

A proud mother, Susan Hoblit and I gave birth to the Festival of Trees in 1994. Previously, we had visited the one in the Quad Cities and were excited to develop our own version. We chaired the first 6 Festivals and have continued to be involved. Continue reading “Meet Carolyn Yockey – Volunteer Spotlight”

Meet Janet & Bruce Hammitt from J&B Custom Jewelry – Vendor Spotlight

Today we talk with Bruce and Janet Hammitt of J&B Custom Jewelry.  They will be bringing their beautiful items back to the Festival again this year.  Hello Bruce and Janet thank you for being a part of the Festival of Trees and taking the time to talk with us.

How/Why Did You First Get Involved with the Baby Fold and the Festival of Trees?

Bruce: My Father, Rev. William A. Hammitt, was the Superintendent of the Baby Fold for many years. Continue reading “Meet Janet & Bruce Hammitt from J&B Custom Jewelry – Vendor Spotlight”

New This Year! Would you like the pick of the trees before the Festival is open to the public?

NEW THIS YEAR! Have you ever wished you could get the pick of the best at the festival for your home or business?  Now you can!

If you sponsor a tree or wreath, you will have the opportunity to visit the Festival 30 minutes before the event is open to the public on Opening Night.  When you visit, you can identify your tree and bidding will not happen on that tree!  See our sponsor form for more information.

Do You Like Coordinating Events or Know Someone Who Does?

We’d love your help!  Let us know if you are interested in any of these volunteer positions.

Senior Social: Need a Co-Chair and committee members
One time event held on Friday a.m. for Seniors.  A time for Seniors to socialize, enjoying light refreshments amid the splendor and beauty of the trees with your plan for entertainment on the stage.  You will need to consider what may interest them while you plan a program, logistics – working with our Sponsors and Entertainment Chairs too for recommendations of talent/performances held in previous years or currently.

Concert Among the Trees: Need a Co-chair and committee members
One time event held Sat. evening: Entertainment already confirmed! Need logistical planning, review of contract,  overseeing “green room” and other special needs; some marketing planning and demands while putting on a spectacular event ; also planning for next year’s concert, researching names and costs.

Sunday Brunch – need committee members; possibly co-Chairs for 2011
Logistical & menu planning; working with churches to provide ticket sales, working along with Entertainment Co-Chairs to provide the best performances during a family brunch celebration amid the trees!!

Breakfast with Santa Claus – Need Elves – old, new, all sizes, shapes!!!! Please call…Santa can give you his code of conduct talk!!

Volunteer today!

Click here to fill out our volunteer form or call Di Shepherd – 309.451.7206.

Designers are Needed – Why Don’t You Give it a Shot?

We are still looking for people and organizations to design for the festival.  There are a number of options from trees to wreaths, centerpieces and set-a-table.  The great thing is that you don’t need to be a professional designer to participate!  We have partnered with Jeffrey Allan to make sure you have all the skills you need to make a beautiful design.  Two workshops will be available for you to learn the “tricks of the trade.”

“This past year I took a stab at decorating a tree for the first time.  Decorator day was a blast!  As I was decorating my Precious Moments tree for the Celebrity Area, I listened and watched all of the other decorators.  Each one had their own strategy and process for putting their trees together.  It must have been obvious it was my first time, because I had a few different people stop by to chat and offer tips.  Everyone was helping one another and it was fantastic.  I felt a bit of nervousness when I was decorating — would someone bid on my tree?  Fortunately someone did and the bid was higher than I anticipated.  (Whew!)”  ~ Stephanie LH Calahan

Ready to take action and sign up? GREAT!  You can sign up by clicking here.

Continue reading “Designers are Needed – Why Don’t You Give it a Shot?”