Trees, Wreaths & More

[one_half]A wide variety of trees, wreaths, centerpieces, table settings and holiday merchandise are available for sale and auction at the Festival of Trees.

The auction runs throughout the Festival until Sunday at 2 p.m.  Be the first in your neighborhood to have a designer tree in your front window!

Decorated Trees, Wreaths and Centerpieces

From traditional design to items with contemporary flair you can choose from dozens of one-of-a-kind decorated 4-foot trees, 7-foot trees, wreaths,  and centerpieces.

Table Settings

Ever want a special table setting for special occasions?  Now is your chance to find that perfect set!  Table Settings are a hot commodity at every festival.  Enjoy these fabulous table settings, each with their own unique theme.  Bid on your favorite and get ready to host your holiday parties with a new setting!

Angel Price

Love Something? Don’t Leave It to Bidding Chance

If you find something that you just love, but you don’t want to take the time to continue to bid on it through the festival, you can choose to buy it at our Angel Price.  Most items up for bid have an angel shaped tag with a price.  Identify a festival staff member and they will help you purchase the item right away.



To get an idea of what you might see, here is a sampling from past Festivals: