Our Current Needs

** Our School Supply Shelves are Full – Thank you!**

Due to the generosity of our community, our Hammitt Schools, Foster Care, and Community Schools currently have an abundance of school supplies. Thank you for helping our students to succeed during their new academic year! In addition, we have received a large amount of handmade blankets and no longer have this need.

How the In-Kind Program works:

We have created an easy way to shop for The Baby Fold, our children, families and staff.  Simply review the lists below for any of our programs.  We have provided as many details as possible to make it easier for any person or group to help meet these current needs:

Your Donations Help Us:

  • Provide the children, families and staff with the actual items they need in treatment
  • Reduce overall agency expenses

Please note that we do not accept used items, but we are happy to offer you suggestions of other Local Businesses that Accept Donations

Donation Forms:

When donating items, we request that donors fill out an “In-Kind Donation” form.  This allows us to thank the donor(s) in writing for their donation, while also utilizing the thank you letter as a tax receipt for the donation.  Please feel free to print out a form ahead of time to take with you to attach to your donation.  We have 3 different in-kind slips:  1 for general use, 1 for Festival of Trees donations and 1 for our Christmas Wish List Program.  Please select the appropriate form when choosing one to fill out to submit with your donation.

Where should I bring my donations?

Feel free to drop off your donations at 108 E. Willow Street, Normal, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm