County Outreach

Training ConsultationThe County Outreach Program for Success in School works with rural, county school districts (McLean, Logan, DeWitt Counties) to identify students (ages 3-15) who are experiencing significant difficulties with achieving success in the school setting. These students are identified as currently failing or at risk of academic failure in school. The County Outreach Program identifies early warning signs contributing to the students’ failure in school, and facilitates forming a partnership between home and school to intervene in overcoming these barriers to success in school. These barriers to success in school include but are not limited to, chronic attendance issues, students experiencing significant mental health and behavioral issues which are interfering with their ability to be successful in school, as well as significant developmental delays and poor academic achievement which limits the students’ ability to achieve their academic potential.

The County Outreach Program focuses on developing solution-focused intervention strategies to strengthen communication and positive partnerships between parents and public school personnel to:

  • Increase the student’s attendance and/or positive participation in school
  • Stabilize the child’s emotional functioning in both the home and school setting
  • Engage both the child and family in activities and support services that will enhance school achievement

By increasing communication and coordination between home and school, more consistency is provided to stimulate positive change in the student, encourage parents to emphasize the importance of education in the home environment, and achieve increased student success in school.

Referral Process

Referrals are made to the program by rural public school district personnel (such as teacher, school social worker, or building principal) for students who are experiencing significant difficulties with success in school. The family is then contacted in person by County Outreach staff to initiate the service and establish student goals targeted to increase the child’s success in school. Family goals are also established, focusing on issues in the home environment that are having a negative impact on the child’s success in school.


The County Outreach worker makes 2-4 visits monthly to the child’s home and/or school to provide direct services related to the student and family goals that have been established. Necessary behavior intervention strategies developed for the child are also coordinated with the public school district personnel. The County Outreach worker performs a critical role in coordinating information between home and school to develop consistent strategies for helping the child to achieve greater success in school.


The Baby Fold’s County Outreach program is accredited by the Council on Accreditation.

Provided in partnership with Tri-County Special Education Association and United Way of McLean County.