Training & Consultation

Staff Training and Program Development

In-service training for teachers and other professional staff serving children is available to school districts and agencies. Hammitt School staff, with extensive expertise, are available to provide workshops in a variety of specialty areas. We have custom designed training programs depending on the needs of staff and parents. Some examples of available trainings are: “Love and Logic” for parents and teachers, Behavioral Data Collection and Application, Introduction to Autism, Sensory Integration, etc. Interested individuals may request a custom-designed training program.

Case Consultation

Hammitt School staff offer child-specific consultation to school districts that request assistance in designing effective interventions for particular children and their families. These services are particularly beneficial with children that have multiple disabilities and when the school and family team need an outside party to help them collaborate on a plan that will meet a particular child’s needs. Case Consultation will include record review, meetings with teachers and families, classroom observations, and review of data. Suggested interventions, accommodations and behavioral strategies are discussed with the educational team. Follow-up meetings can be requested.