Our Mission

The Baby Fold has been serving children and families since 1902. We currently serve over 1200 individuals every year through 12 programs that wrap services around children and families across 28 counties in Central Illinois.

The Baby Fold embodies Christian principles to help families and children develop the hope, courage, and love they need to become whole and healthy.

Our Vision

We seek to transform children’s lives through strong family and community partnerships.

Our Values

Respect: Humankind, created in God’s image, has inherent value and dignity and is worthy of respect. We value, listen to, are kind to, and encourage others.

Integrity: Trusting relationships are formed through the integration of honesty and competence. We are truthful, honest and capable.

Diversity and Inclusion:  We are committed to supporting and maintaining a culture of diversity and inclusion.  Having diverse employees, business partners and community relationships is vital to fostering quality programs for the children and families we serve.

Teamwork: God calls us to be in relationship with Him and with one another. We find common ground, are considerate, seek partnerships, and listen to understand each other.

Excellence: Our expertise is demonstrated by skill and confidence that we provide clients and co-workers with service that exceeds their expectation.   We strive to learn, to grow, and improve by giving our best to all and offering help to others.

Stewardship: Our funds, property, and human resources are given to us in trust from God. We make the best possible use and avoid waste or abuse of all of our resources.

“Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as ever you can.” – John Wesley

This statement of John Wesley, considered the founder of the United Methodist Church, is a fitting and appropriate introduction to this list of important values for The Baby Fold.  Wesley aptly captured the essence of our culture by putting these words together, as they describe the environment around which our agency values can exist and thrive and be lived out each day.