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Foster Care

Every child deserves to be loved and protected. The Baby Fold’s foster care programs provide safe, nurturing home environments for children referred by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. Services are provided for children from infancy through the teen years when they must be removed from their own homes to protect them from continued abuse or neglect.

Our goal is to help each child achieve full potential and permanency by providing a structured, nurturing, normalizing environment that meets their specific needs. Case management, counseling, and advocacy services are provided to children in foster care, their birth parents, and the foster families caring for the children. The goal of the foster care program is to provide temporary care until permanence can be achieved for the child through return home, adoption, or guardianship.

Foster care services are provided by referral through contracts with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. Foster homes are licensed and trained to meet both DCFS and The Baby Fold’s standards.



The Baby Fold supervises children in home of relative foster care, licensed traditional foster care, specialized foster care, and professional foster care.

Home of Relative Foster Care

  • children stay with a relative, thereby lessening the traumatic impact of the foster care experience.
  • care providers must pass criminal background clearance.
  • Licensure is encouraged.
  •  Financial support is available for licenced and approved foster relatives.

Traditional Foster Care

  • children within the foster care system when no viable relative home is available.
  • foster parents receive training and must become licensed.

Specialized Foster Care is available to

  • children in need of intensive services due to their severe medical, emotional, or behavioral needs.
  • All children in specialized foster care have individualized treatment plans to address their specific needs.
  • Therapy services are provided to every specialized foster child who is able to participate in therapy.
  • Specialized foster parents are licensed and receive advanced training and supportive services to meet the needs of the children in their homes.

Professional Foster Care (PFC)

  • most intense programming and supervision available within a foster care setting. The program provides for the complex needs of
  • children who cannot be cared for by their own families or in other less restrictive foster care programs.
  • Children in this program have treatment plans that specify the services they will receive from professional foster parents, residential counselors, caseworkers, and therapists.
  • PFC is an option that provides a successful alternative to group home or residential care for children with moderate to severe behavioral, emotional, social, or learning/developmental problems.
  • The therapeutic milieu provided in PFC creates an intentional atmosphere within the home to engage each youth to change undesirable behaviors and develop skills which will help them be successful.






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