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Services in Champaign-Urbana

Child, Family, and Community Services

154C Lincoln Square
Urbana, IL 61801
(309) 452-1170

Fax (217) 954-1828
Office hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM

Location for:

Healthy Start

Eligibility in Champaign County

  • Lives in Champaign County
  • Expectant Families, Moms and/or Dads

The Healthy Start program is totally voluntary, but requires commitment from the mother to invite a Family Support Worker into her home bi-weekly through the remainder of her pregnancy and weekly during the first nine months of her baby’s life. A feature of the program is “mom is the child’s first teacher,” and the Support Worker brings many interactive ideas to help mom and baby relate and bond. The Support Worker becomes a trusted friend, a tie to other community resources, and a resource on so many “what do I do” concerns. Not only does the Support Worker help the mother relate to her child, but she also helps the mother build a safe and economically viable environment for her family. At the end of the Healthy Start program, the family graduates, knowing they have the resources and knowledge to manage the stresses of life. Learn More


Adoption Preservation

Eligibility in Champaign County

  •  A parent with an adopted child under 18 in your home in need of intensive in-home therapy

The Baby Fold “Keeping The Promise” Adoption Support and Preservation program provides supportive services for any adoptive child living within our service area to help them stabilize in their home. Services are provided to families formed through DCFS adoption, subsidized guardianship; private domestic or foreign adoption, or out-of-state adoption. You do not need to have gone through The Baby Fold for your adoption – these services are available to any adoptive family living within the 22 county service area. Learn More


For information about a specific program, please use the contact information listed on each program page.  All referral/confidential information should be provided over the phone.

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