Our Board & Staff Leadership

Board of Directors

Board chair – Nancy Behrens 

The Baby Fold Board consists of 16-24 volunteers who commit to three-year terms with a maximum of 9 years (3 three-year terms). A majority of our board members are United Methodist Church members.  The Baby Fold seeks Board members who have a diverse set of skills, experience, and ethnicity.  Currently, we have 22 volunteer members, 2 Ex-officio members, and 3 Honorary Board members. Our Board of Directors oversees The Baby Fold and processes their work through 4 committees; Executive, Business, Development, and Program.  We also have sub-committees that work under the committees; the Treatment Advisory Committee (TAC) is a subcommittee of the Program Committee and The Festival of Trees Steering Committee is a subcommittee of the Development Committee.

Leadership Team

Dianne Schultz, President and CEO
Debi Armstrong, VP of Quality Improvement
Aimee Beam, VP of Development and Public Relations
Dr. Kathleen Bush, Director of Adoption Support and Training Services
Dr. Rhonda Howard, Director of Academic Services
Kathy Kujawa, VP of Business Operations
Dr. Rob Lusk, Clinical Director
Veronica Manzella, VP of Human Resources
Tony Wilson, Director of Family and Community Services