Estate Planning

Thank you for your interest in creating a legacy for future generations of children and families by including The Baby Fold in your estate planning.  A legacy gift is an enduring and significant way to show your support for causes that are most meaningful to you and your family.

Documenting your bequest intent with The Baby Fold is simple and helps ensure your wishes are met with respect to designating a specific purpose for your investment. Documenting your intentions also allows The Baby Fold to recognize you now as a member in our Nancy Mason Society and may inspire others to make a similar gift.

Estate Gifts to The Baby Fold provide transformational support that allows for growth of critical programs and provides a safety net for our existing work with children and families.  Ensuring financial stability helps further our work in building strong and vibrant communities in the counties that we serve (28 in and surrounding McLean). Strong and healthy children lead to strong and healthy communities for everyone.

Many donors make their most significant gifts through their wills, estates, trusts, annuities, or life insurance beneficiary designation. Gifts of farmland have historic significance for The Baby Fold and provide reliable annual income for the agency. The Baby Fold’s Development team is ready to assist you in your planning.

For more information about planned giving, please call Norris Porter, Assistant Vice President Major Gifts & Planned Giving at (309) 451-7204. We have also made resources available that can be useful in your planning.