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The Baby Fold's History of Care On Route 66

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The Baby Fold has received an official proclamation from the Governor of the State of Illinois, J.B. Pritzker, designating the month of July 2021 as “The Baby Fold’s History of Care on Rt. 66 Month” for its long history of serving children and families throughout central Illinois along the pathway of historic Route 66 in Normal, IL.  Click here to view the proclamation. 

The Baby Fold, founded in 1902, has a rich history of social service in central Illinois.  From its early years as an orphanage, to witnessing the construction of Route 66 directly bordering its campus, The Baby Fold continues to meet the needs of children and families in our community and now stands as a premier multi-service agency serving over 1200 children and families annually.

The original path of the historic Route 66 highway winds right past the front steps of The Baby Fold’s Normal, Illinois campus.  During its glory days, this “Mother Road” led eager travelers along a 2,400-mile winding path from Chicago to Los Angeles. Peppered with charming communities and neon-lit attractions along the way, folks delighted in not merely the destination, but the journey itself.

Sometimes, life’s journeys aren’t always as smooth and sure as the road ahead. When children experience trauma or behavioral and emotional issues, they often venture down unsafe paths that lead toward uncertain destinations.  At The Baby Fold, we specialize in helping weary little travelers exit off of bumpy roads and guide them safely into our programs. Once there, we use a toolbox brimming with expert treatment strategies and therapies to help stabilize their lives. We change out the unhelpful behavioral patterns for healthier ones. We gauge emotional temperatures and teach self-cooling techniques. And just like washing away the dust on the windshield, The Baby Fold’s restorative work clears the view and brightens the road ahead. 

With your support, we can equip children with powerful life-long tools to get them back on the road to success. Through individualized special education, loving foster families, adoption support, and early intervention programs, we can provide them a fresh roadmap and bring a new spark into the lives of countless children. 

Click here to donate and help kids ‘cruise’ toward a successful future.

Thank you for creating joyful journeys for our children!