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Community Schools

The Baby Fold works in cooperation with Unit 5 and United Way to run a Community Schools Program at Fairview and Cedar Ridge Elementary Schools. The programs have been very successful in supporting both children and teachers so they can provide for the social, emotional, and educational needs of the whole student body.

Our Approach

In our Community schools program, we create partnerships between the school, community, and families. These partnerships work to identify student needs and the resources necessary to meet these needs so that students succeed at school and beyond. Our Community Schools model is designed to transform the school by expanding learning time, bringing community-based resources to bear on student and family needs, removing barriers to academic achievement and youth development, and aligning school, community, and family resources behind a shared vision for student success.

ABC’s of Community Schools

  1. Align out-of-school time programming with classroom learning to improve knowledge/performance scores.
    • Our program offers an after-school learning enhancement program that has a 97% success rate in increasing student knowledge/MAP testing scores.
  2. Bring community members, schools, and families together to work towards common goals.
    • At the beginning of every school year, a needs assessment is conducted with the students, their families, and school faculty. The Community Schools Coordinator then works to develop resources and build coalitions to address the needs and goals presented. The Coordinator has been able to establish many meaningful partnerships that have greatly assisted us in collectively achieving our goals.
  3. Coordinate programs, services, and resources to meet identified needs.
    • Through our various partnerships, we have been able to host a summer school program, holiday party, several educational activities, a sporting event and even bring in a celebrity speaker to talk with the students about never giving up on their dreams. In addition, we have been able to address such tangible needs of the students and families as homelessness, food deprivation, vision and dental care, clothing, and mental health counseling.

Community Schools bring together all of the stakeholders in a child or young person’s life – school, families, and community – and provide a structure for them to create and achieve a shared vision for student success. Oftentimes, schools are isolated and disconnected from their communities, and similarly, community-based resources have been disconnected from the students and families they are designed to serve. By bringing together all the stakeholders in student success, marshaling and coordinating access to resources and supports, and expanding learning time so students can master core concepts and skills, community schools ensure that barriers to learning are removed and resources are maximized.

Referral Process

Eligibility for the after-school educational enhancement program is determined by student testing. Once testing results are received, teachers refer students based upon the results. Referral for other program services is done on an as-needed basis by school staff (any school staff can refer), or a person in need who is part of the Fairview family can simply call or walk in to schedule an appointment with the Coordinator.


Community Schools Program
The Baby Fold
612 Oglesby Avenue
Normal, IL 61761
(309) 557-1062

Current Needs

There are ongoing needs to help support the programs and services of The Baby Fold. The document below contains specific needs for Community Schools.

Community Schools Needs