Hammitt Elementary

Our Students

Hammitt Elementary School specializes in helping young students (ages 5-15 or grades pre-k -8th) who have behavior or emotional disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. Students with autism who attend Hammitt Elementary School typically represent the more severe students on the Autism Spectrum, with complex sensory, communication, and behavioral needs that have significantly impacted their ability to function independently and make educational progress.

Our Approach 

Hammitt Elementary School is committed to making school a positive learning experience for our students. We do this through a combination of developing positive relationships, therapeutic interventions, small class sizes based on age and functioning level, and lots of loving patience. The goal of our services is to improve behavior, increase achievement in school and allow the student to return to public school. The key components of Hammitt Elementary School include:

  • A highly structured, positive learning environment to build self-esteem and encourage achievement
  • A flexible curriculum based on each child’s individual learning style and unique emotional needs
  • Small class sizes and a low student-to-faculty ratio
  • Specialized services provided to the families of students to create a supportive home-school partnership
  • Strong link to public school districts to provide support services when students return to their home school
  • Summer educational services as needed
  • Monthly Treatment Advisory Committee meetings to monitor the treatment and behavior management techniques at Hammitt Elementary in order to protect the rights and insure the quality of services to children

Academic and Instructional Programming

Instructional services are provided to students based on their special education needs and learning objectives outlined as part of the student’s Individual Educational Plan (IEP) developed with the student, parent, and referring school district. Academics are taught by special education certified staff, focusing on each student’s 

unique learning needs. Learning has been a source of frustration for many of our students, so Hammitt Elementary School provides additional staffing and technology supports to assist students with building academic skills and confidence. Speech/Language and School Nursing services are provided as specified in the IEP and enhance classroom instruction. We focus on social and emotional development and incorporate life and leisure activities to bring awareness to students about the need for healthy life choices and the importance of hygiene, self-care and physical fitness.

Family Engagement

Our Home Interventionists provide face to face meetings with each student’s family once or twice a month when and where it is most convenient for the families.  During this time, families share their concerns about the student in the home and at school. The Home Interventionist is able to share what interventions are working at school and what we have found to be ineffective.  We know this sharing between the two environments, home and school, gives students their best chance for success.

Referral Process

Students are referred to Hammitt Elementary by their local public school district, through the IEP process, based on their need for more intensive special education services to achieve success in school. Please contact your public school’s social worker or other staff person for more information.

Accreditation and Licensing

Hammitt Elementary School is approved by the Illinois State Board of Education as a non-public special education school. Hammitt Elementary is accredited by AdvancED.