Who We Are

The Baby Fold is a multi-service non-profit agency serving children and families in Illinois.  Founded as a faith-based orphanage in 1902, the agency now specializes in caring for young children and youth who have severe emotional and behavioral disabilities, autism spectrum disorders  and children at risk for a variety of reasons.  The Baby Fold has 12 programs and services that can be wrapped around a child and their family as needed.  Our services focus on improving the lives of children and families by building safe, loving, healthy environments through foster care, special needs adoption services, special education and early intervention programs.  The Baby Fold serves over 1,200 clients annually with 280 employees working in 5 locations.

Like a strong tree, The Baby Fold has many branches of services working together to provide a nurturing and protective environment for children and their families. We are in the ministry of transforming lives and we never give up on a child.